The following links may be of interest to you:

CRC Cards: A Laboratory For Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking
Really great (and short) piece on the use of CRC cards in object oriented design, written by Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham.

.NET Design Patterns
Great reference material on the 23 “Gang of Four” design patterns, with basic examples of each given in .NET.
This organisation encourages website owners to put images of missing children on their 404 pages in the hope that it might lead to them being found faster. There has been a lot of media coverage regarding different uses of 404 pages recently. Some sites go quirky, like GitHub’s Star Wars themed 404 page, while others use the space for advertising. Missing children won’t be appropriate for all sites, but as I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary with my own 404 page I decided to give it a go. Click here to take a look.

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